Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What is this new devilry?

.... no, it's not a new symptom. Although that would be an appropriate response with points for the reference.

It's also not a Balrog. 

I'm making my first ventures into vlogging! I'm still a bit rusty with Youtube (I still get irrationally angry with the linking to Google+ and how difficult that seems to make simple changes) but I thought it would be good to try something different with the blog. I will still write posts - in fact I think I'll still predominantly write rather than make videos. Each new video will get an accompanying new post on the blog so that everybody can see it if they aren't subscribed to the channel. 

There's nothing there just yet but the channel lives at the link below, and I'll pop it on to The Warrens tab as well. I'm hoping to get an introductory video and the first vlog up on there tomorrow.

Happy watching!

Wishing you all many spoons xxx

P.S. I've made a rule for the channel - you only get to laugh at my lapsed-Northern accent and British mannerisms if you subscribe to the channel. No subscription, no laughing. I'll know*.

*may or may not be strictly true. 

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