The Warrens (Links)

The Spoon Theory- an excellent way of explaining the reality of chronic illness and the effect it has on day to day life. Written by Christine Miserandino, I regard this as essential reading.

Chronic Illness Cat - offering a humorous and somewhat acerbic take on the quirks and travails of life as a Spoony. Come and join the sick kitties laughing! You'll also find me there as one of the admins (look for the marker TRB) as I joined in 2013.

I Have Eczema- a brilliant blog belonging to my friend Jenny who suffers with severe Eczema and other associated skin conditions such as Urticaria. She aims to raise awareness and to break the endless cycle of people either dismissing it as a little bit of itching or saying "try E45".

Fibro Blogger Directory - a place to find people (including me) blogging about their experiences of Fibromyalgia.

My Youtube Channel - the newest addition to TRB, come and see me waffle and enjoy my quintessentially British accent and mannerisms whilst I try not to waffle too much.

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