Sunday, 15 June 2014

Things I have discovered this week

My partner and I are currently in the process of buying our first house together. This has led to some interesting discoveries. Come take a tour around the weird and wonderful workings of my brain when confronted with being a proper adult....

(Blimey! Image from

1. Tripping over thresholds is something I am very good at

Well, given neither of us is overly bothered about the idea of getting married the tradition of being carried over the threshold isn't likely to happen, so maybe this is me subconsciously making up for it. Appallingly regularly. 

It did amuse the estate agent who witnessed this last week though - as long as I amuse the staff I guess...? 

2. You will find spaces in some houses you really wish you hadn't stuck your head into. 

Mostly because you feel like it might be the last time your head is attached to your body, because the space will have collapsed upon it. If you survive that brush with death, your brain may then explode when you consider the asking price for such a wonder of modern construction. 

3. Trying to meet the potential neighbours won't always go well.

The people were fine, the cat did not want to talk to me. 

4. Excitement is an especially spoon-heavy state of being.

Particularly when prolonged. To say this was something that wasn't on the horizon a couple of months ago, the process has passed like a whirlwind. It's been thoroughly exhilarating thus far. The stress and subsequent flare ups will no doubt begin as we head in to the legal work phase (probably this week) but in the end it will be worth it. 

Essentially, the house our offer has been accepted for was one of the first we saw when we began our search. We studiously set it to one side and continued to look, but found ourselves constantly re-opening the ad for the house. After two viewings it really felt like we were delaying the inevitable. People will always (sensibly, for the most part) tell you never to buy the first house you see. In our case though, the first house we saw just happened to be the one. It's a beauty and I can't wait to share it with you all. 

5. It's never too early to start imagining where you'll put things....

.... Premature? I have a big canvas map of Westeros that has yet to be hung on a wall. I don't think you quite understand the gravity of this situation.

6. It really is the small things.

The first thought I had about moving to the countryside was that I could have bird feeders in the garden and sit with my book and identify them as my Dad and I did when I was a little girl and continue to do in his garden where he gets an incredible variety of bird life.

This is why I shouldn't be allowed to do adult things. Of all the things to care about in the search for and the process of then buying a house, I'm concerning myself with the local finch population. The same population which will dislike us very much the minute we introduce the planned cat(s)...

(Yes, I will be disappointed if I don't eventually see all of them. Image from

I'm hoping to keep up something of a tongue-in-cheek log of the process here on the blog, as it's obviously the first time I've taken such a huge step and I have no doubt there will be health repercussions and flare-ups galore before we're in and settled. 

You never know, I may come up with something useful. It's far more likely that I won't and I'll just continue to amuse with my silly antics. Either way, on we go!

Wishing you all many spoons xxx


  1. Wonderful!!! Enjoy the adventure!! My husband won't let me have birdhouses on our farm because there's so much to eat in the fields and because the birds will poop on the cars! lol

  2. Great blog! I just started my own fibromyalgia blog :) Excited to be your newest follower!