Thursday, 2 October 2014

WEGO Health Activist Awards 2014!

So, it's that time of year again!

2014 is the fourth annual WEGO Health Activist Awards, set up for people to recognise the health activisits who enrich their lives in some way shape or form, for which they can nominate them in any of 14 categories, which are:

  • Advocating for Another
  • Best in Show: Blog
  • Best in Show: Community/Forum
  • Best in Show: Facebook
  • Best in Show: Google+
  • Best in Show: Instagram
  • Best in Show: Twitter
  • Best in Show: Youtube
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Best Team Performance
  • Health Activist Hero
  • Hilarious Health Activist
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Rookie of the Year
Much to my pleasant surprise, I had to re-activate my award profile from last year as The Retired Bridgeburner has been nominated for three awards! I'm up for Best in Show: Blog, Best Kept Secret and Hilarious Health Activist.

Thank you so much to those who nominated me! As the profile is now active you can add your nomination reason if you wish, anonymously or with a name. I'd love to know who did nominate me (either on the profile page or via another form of contact) so that I can say thank you personally!

I would absolutely love to be shortlisted this year (wouldn't everyone?) and if you'd like to help me on my way, please pop over to the profile page below and click the "Endorse" button. It takes five seconds and is one of the factors which is taken into account when choosing the shortlists for the various awards. A few people have already done so, and again, thank you very much!

I'm genuinely quite overwhelemed. I always said that if this blog helped one person, it would be enough to make doing so worthwhile. It would appear I was a little short of the mark in counting in singular.

I consider myself blessed with a wonderful readership, you guys are wonderful.

Without further ado, the profile link is below. Nominations are open until December 31 and endorsements are already available and will continue past this date (final date to be announced, I will let you know when I find out).

One very happy Bridgeburner wishing you all many spoons xxx

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